I hold a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and I’ve conducted peer-reviewed research on “the narrative of place,” including urban/rural tensions, class identities, in-group/out-group conflicts, collective memory, and control over historical narratives.

Book Editing

The Communication Crisis in America, And How to Fix It
I was invited to serve as assistant editor on this volume of research and policy recommendations, which was inspired by a report we compiled for the Federal Communications Commission in 2012.

  • Barnidge, M., Gunther, A., Kim, J., Hong, Y., Perryman, M., Tay, S. K., Knisely, S. (forthcoming). “Politically motivated selective exposure and perceived media bias.” Communication Research. Advance online publication.
  • McLaughlin, B.; Davis, C.; Coppini, D.; Kim, Y.M.; Knisely, S.; McLeod, D. (2015) “When Women Attack.” Politics and Life Sciences, 34(1). pp. 44-56.
  • Robinson, S.; Knisely, S.; Schwartz, M. (2014) “A news negotiation of a state’s history: Collective memory of the 2011 Wisconsin protests.” Journalism Studies, 1-18.c.
Master’s Thesis

Knisely, S. “Division in Dairyland: Community structure, social identity and news frames during the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall election.” Unpublished master’s thesis, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin. 2013. Read it here.

Conference Presentations
  • “Darth Vader in Dairyland: Constructing political out-groups via digital cartoons.” Paper presented at Communication Crossroads: A Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference. Madison, Wisconsin. March 2013.
  • “A news negotiation of a state’s history: Collective memory of the 2011 Wisconsin protests.” Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Conference. Chicago, Illinois. August 2012.
Teaching Evaluations

Journalism 202: Mass Media Practices 
Led a section of 15 students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison through an intensive six-credit course on news writing, multimedia, and web design.
Spring 2013: 4.74/5 (department TA average: 4.29)
Spring 2012: 4.51/5 (department TA average: 4.36)
Fall 2011: 4.62/5 (department TA average: 4.15)

Journalism 646: Mass Media and the Consumer
Sole teaching assistant for a 110-student course at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on advertising history, basic economics, and marketing research techniques. Received the highest student evaluation score ever given to a teaching assistant in the class.
Fall 2012: 4.76/5 (department TA average: 4.19)