• “Ellaria Jane Peterson Is Going To Die,” Barren Magazine, forthcoming summer 2020
  • “Amberleen,” The Fiddlehead, forthcoming 2020
  • The Box,” Gone Lawn, March 2020
  • The Last Grand Tour of Albertine’s Watch,” finalist in the the Arizona State University’s Everything Change Climate Fiction Contest, anthology published January 2019
  • Mullenville, Population 82,” Allegory Ridge, July 2018
  • Orbit,” Heron Tree, February 2018
  • The Waubeen Annual Kanaranzi Kimball Day,” finalist in the 2017 Francine Ringold Awards for New Writers; summer 2018 in Nimrod International Journal
  • Fusion: A Love Story,” top-three selection for the Arizona State University’s 2016 Frankenstein Bicentennial Fiction Competition
  • Clay Pots,” finalist for the Psychopomp Magazine 2014 Short Fiction Award
  • Saxy Jane and the Condom,” Dogzplot Flash Fiction, May 2009
  • Nopales,” Six Sentences, October 2009

Selected Nonfiction

Other Projects

  • The Communication Crisis in America, And How to Fix It
    Assistant editor on a volume of research and policy recommendations inspired by a report we compiled for the Federal Communications Commission in 2012
  • Women in Contemporary Latin American Novels: Psychoanalysis and Gendered Violence
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  • Presentation: “Darth Vader in Dairyland: Constructing political out-groups via digital cartoons.” Paper presented at Communication Crossroads: A Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference. Madison, Wisconsin. March 2013.
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