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Albertine’s Watch


River Dolls,” Reckon Review, July 2021

Ellaria Jane Peterson Is Going To Die,” Barren Magazine, August 2020

Amberleen,” The Fiddlehead, Spring 2020 (print only)

The Box,” Gone Lawn, March 2020

The Last Grand Tour of Albertine’s Watch,” finalist in the the Arizona State University’s Everything Change Climate Fiction Contest, anthology published January 2019

Mullenville, Population 82,” Allegory Ridge, July 2018

Orbit,” Heron Tree, February 2018

The Waubeen Annual Kanaranzi Kimball Day,” finalist in the 2017 Francine Ringold Awards for New Writers; summer 2018 in Nimrod International Journal

Fusion: A Love Story,” top-three selection for the Arizona State University’s 2016 Frankenstein Bicentennial Fiction Competition

Clay Pots,” finalist for the Psychopomp Magazine 2014 Short Fiction Award

Saxy Jane and the Condom,” Dogzplot Flash Fiction, May 2009

Nopales,” Six Sentences, October 2009


The best new fiction books about climate change and what we’re up against

Review: Chase Burke’s LECTURE

Madcap Writer Makes History in a Model T

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How to Trust a Robot

Writing Roughshod: Emily Hahn, a “spirited” engineer

Beethoven’s Detective

How to Blend in at an Alpine Krampus Parade

The 1920s Women Who Fought for the Right to Travel Under Their Own Names

Around the World in Eight Badgers

Queen of Kilts

The Warlord’s Biographer

Fateful Fight: The Fall of a Boxing Dynasty

Lifting from the Center: Tribal Partnership Rethinks Community Health

Recruiting a New Class of EMTs: Rural Wisconsin Girls

Artful Hacking: A Poet Laureate Considers the Role of Computation in the Humanities

Printing Without Boundaries: New Uses for 3D Printers

Keeping Global Women “In the Know”


The Communication Crisis in America, And How to Fix It
Assistant editor on a volume of research and policy recommendations inspired by a report we compiled for the Federal Communications Commission in 2012

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Knisely, S. “Division in Dairyland: Community structure, social identity and news frames during the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall election.” Unpublished master’s thesis, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin. 2013. Read it here.