Need help telling your story?

Sandra approaches client content with the same dedication and care she puts into her own creative work. She’s down-to-earth, adaptable, and reliable — and she understands that your voice is what matters most. Sandra has worked with a variety of non-profits, small businesses, and university departments.

She’s available for a range of communication-related services, including print and web copy, content and copy editing, and personal histories.


“[Sandra’s] writing is smooth as glass. I wish I could bottle that voice and sell it.” Rick Bragg, Writer & University of Alabama Professor

“Sandra is a writer of exceptional talent — an energetic and diligent researcher who uses crisp, clever prose to produce stories that are insightful and moving. I’ve worked with her on magazine articles of varying lengths — from just a few lines to thousands of words — and she consistently delivers outstanding material on time. She’s a natural storyteller.” John Allen, On Wisconsin Magazine publisher

“Sandra not only tackled writing projects and met deadlines with precision and reliability, but she also produced science stories and content with a rare combination of wit and accessibility.” Marianne Spoon, director of communications at the Center for Healthy Minds

“Sandra can get to the heart of complex topics in ways that are creative, informative and refreshingly free of insider jargon.” Brian Mattmiller, chief communications officer at the Morgridge Institute for Research

“Sandra understands and excels at all aspects of editorial content — from planning to content creation to analytics to distribution. She stays informed about the issues within our field and beyond, and that knowledge allows her to advise on both specific details and the big picture. She is incredibly bright and insightful.” Cindy Foss, University of Wisconsin Communications

“Talented, focused, knowledgeable, organized and on top of all that, fun to work with!” Phil Biebl, artist

Together, let’s coax your story from its shell.

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